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New RCE Enhancement - Restore Remove Link function for Multiple Links

New RCE Enhancement - Restore Remove Link function for Multiple Links

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Please restore the Remove Link function for multiple links in the NEW RCE.

The New RCE  (in beta) does not allow users select and remove multiple links at a time.

The Current RCE Remove Link feature allows users to select and remove multiple links at a time. 

Though the Remove Link feature is still offered in the NEW RCE (after the text is selected), once you select more than one link, the option to remove link is no longer displayed in the menu. 

See Images demonstrating the latter below.








If this is not addressed, the amount of clicks it would take a designer to remove links increases.

For example

Amount of clicks a designer would need to remove 50 links.

Current RCE: 1 click

New RCE: 100 clicks

Where as we are currently able to select multiple links in a list and remove them with one click.  The new feature would require for each link be selected at at time and then require a second click to remove the link.

Keeping the ability to remove links for multiple links at a time is a win for usability and good design. 

@erinhmcmillan  @scsmith @tina_busch 


Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Open
Community Team
Community Team

Hi @leonora_villart 

Our product manager plans to get this added for additional enhancements after the new year. Thanks for submitting the idea!

We'll update this status once more information is available from the team.



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Please make this change ASAP.  I now have to retype all pages with lots of links that have to be changed every term.  That will cost me days of what used to be a break.  Please fix this SOON.

Community Participant

I am very interested in hearing updates on this issue. As noted by @davene_eyres the absence of the ability to unlink multiple items at a time will be extremely time consuming. 

I’d also like to put a plug in for linking to a new page, which was in the old editor but is not in the new editor. The ability to link to new page is great when building out a course template.

Community Member

It would also be useful to be able to remove a portion of the hyperlink. when you highlight text and remove a link it removes from all of the link, rather than just the specific highlighted text.

Community Member

Hi there, I believe the remove multiple links feature is coming shortly to new RCE. 20 January deploy notes: