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New RCE: show folders when adding a course file

New RCE: show folders when adding a course file

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When you want to add a course file in the new RCE, you get to see a list of the files, but not the folders that they are in. You can't select the folder, you get to see one long list. 

The whole point of adding folders under Files is to easily manage and find back the files you need. Also when files have the same name, you can't see the difference now.



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Community Team
Community Team
Status changed to: Archived

@christophe_bree When the user wants to see the folder hierarchy, they would switch the top dropdown depicted in your screenshot from Course Files to All; the folder hierarchy will then display, and the instructions are in the Select Files in Add Menu section of How do I create hyperlinks to course, group, and u... - Canvas Community

Since this is existing functionality in the RCE, we've archived the idea.

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oh my god, i get so many questions about this from teachers and I didn't find the option, since everybody chooses 'Documents' first when looking for a document.

Thank you for pointing it out. I will pass the news around.

Community Team
Community Team

@christophe_bree  You're welcome! 

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I have to say, this is a very mysterious process -- I mean, it's not intuitive. Yes, I had to change Documents to ALL (@Stef_retired not Course Files), then I could see the folder structure.

Now... how about some kind of order to the files listed? Alpha would be a good start.

Wait... I'm sure they weren't sorted last time I looked. Now they are in alpha order. Was I dreaming?