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New Rich Content Editor: Open Links in New Window

New Rich Content Editor: Open Links in New Window

In the old RCE, we can create links that open in new window by pressing CTRL+K on our keyboard.

This functionality is removed in the new RCE.

Would like to propose a simple improvement to the Links Option sidebar to add this functionality.


Learner II

Hi all,

Today, I discovered a way to add external links using the Rich Text Editor.


The new editor has changed the usual workflow of doing things!

Community Team
Community Team, you are correct: the new design of the RCE brings with it new user workflows. We've placed this idea into Moderation to ask if you would still like it to move forward as a request for modification to the current design of creating external links. Thanks.

Learner II

hi stefaniesanders

I gave some thoughts and propose to proceed with this idea, please. 

The new workflow is a replacement for Ctrl+K in the new RCE. 

However, some of the Instructional Designers may wish to convert an existing link into an external link or vice versa. 

Having a checkbox in the link options will help us greatly as an existing visual indicator and ease of changing the link settings. 

If the link is an external link, the checkbox will be toggled on. Else, the checkbox will be toggled off. 

Community Team
Community Team

Sounds good,‌; the idea is once again open for voting.

Surveyor II

The easy workaround would be to look at the HTML and simply set the target attribute to "_blank", the link will open in a new browser window or a new tab.

eg <a href=“...” target=“_blank” ...

almost as easy as a shortcut key.