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New UI – HELP BUTTON & MENU- Move it UP w other buttons & consistent fly-out

New UI – HELP BUTTON & MENU- Move it UP w other buttons & consistent fly-out

  This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas


  Idea open for vote Wed. May 4, 2016 - Wed. August 3, 2016  Learn more about voting...

The HELP button in the left navigation menu is super important.

1- MOVE IT UP, inline with the other buttons!! (so people can see it easily).

2- Set the fly-out menu to open top & left, matching the Account and Courses menus.


Users won’t know to use the Help button if they can’t see it.

Consistency is a sign of quality.


Now, Help TOO LOW:                                                Improvement: Move Help UP in-line; menu opens top left:

179673_Help-bottom.pngHelp-bottom.png  179672_Help-Inline.pngHelp-Inline.png
This idea was from our Canvas College Coordinator Team, who are speaking for their users.

Melody Brake - Colorado State University


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For more information, please read through the Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-08-27)

Community Member

There were already 62 votes for this idea in a previous round. See:

I would love to see this resolved too.

Community Coach
Community Coach

We are getting ready to switch to the new UI and it is so confusing to students as to why the Help link is so far down on the page. It would be great if this could get moved up!

Learner II

Sorry I missed the first round of voting on moving the link up. It would be really nice to have this displayed as described above. The 24/7 support is critical to our school and we definitely do not want them to miss this link!

Adventurer III

I want to see this happen, also, however, I've posted an interim solution in the previous idea submission:

Learner II

Yes please move it no one can find it down there.

Thank you,

Karen Matson

Community Member

YES! Fix the Modal location. It is a huge UI pain.

Learner II

Great idea!

Community Member

Just today I was looking for the help button and it took me a while to find it. First I looked top-right, then I looked in the nav buttons. Bottom-left was the last place I looked, after re-looking at the other locations first.

Community Member

This has always been an issue with users in the New UI... I had to create a Snagit graphic guide just to address the frequent questions and contacts asking about the location of any 'Help'.

I hope this gets voted up over 100 in order to make 'the hit parade'!          ;>)

Explorer II

I voted this up, but I get why it is where it is now. It's in a fixed location--always in the lower left corner of the screen, regardless of how tall your window is. I'm sure there's a subset of users who find it equally difficult to locate the help button when it's at the bottom of the list, smack up against the penultimate icon in the list. If it were me, I'd probably put the help button directly under the Account button, just as a starting place, and then do some usability testing to see what makes the most sense for a green user.

My guess is that we get the pop-out window as a holdover from the old UI. Making it into a flyout for consistency makes a lot of sense.