New quizzes with better Polling and registration functions


We sometimes need a short poll or registration in a course and we do not have any good tools for that. Therefor we would like to

- Make it possible to only choose a certain number of possible answers in a "multiple answers" question, even when there are sett up more possibilities. That would help with students only choosing the amount that we want them too and not too many choices at the same time.   

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Instructure Alumni
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Thanks for sharing all of these suggestions. The Idea Conversations forum accommodates discussions that focus on a single request for enhancement, so we are not able to move it forward.

Poll option for voting is a long-standing and actively-monitored to which you can add your comments about polling. After reading through How do idea conversations work in the Canvas Community? for guidance on writing singularly-focused prompts, please search through the forum for existing ideas to support, and if you aren't able to find them, submit each one as separate.

Thanks again!