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Nicknames for Grade Center Columns

Nicknames for Grade Center Columns


The Problem

Long assignment titles get truncated in the grade center. When you have similarly named assignments, it can be hard to locate specific assignments. Aside from mousing over each title or manually resizing grade center columns (which goes away when you refresh the page), there is no way to see the full title of assignments quickly.

The Solution

Provide a way to nickname grade center columns without changing the name of the assignment. 

1 Comment
New Member

My school makes us start every assignment with a label: Class Work, Assessment, etc... So it is very hard for me to find things in my grade book since all of the assignment titles look the same. I'd love to be able to rename my assignments so they are easier to find. We use Infinite Campus and all assignments are given a long name where you put the page number, etc... and a nick name of about 5 characters so your assignment named: Class Work: Map of Asia pages 21-22 can be called "Map21," "Asia," or something something else easier to find.