No evidence added as a grading criteria for Standards Based Learning


I would like to suggest adding a grading category of "no evidence" for the grade book. More and more school districts are moving towards standards based learning which reports out how students are progressing on standards.  Currently you can do that with Learning Outcomes in Canvas.  The problem is that if you have to give a point value to the assignment such as a zero.  A zero in standards based learning indicates that even with help, the student has no success.  

What we are asking for is a "no evidence" category which allows you to communicate with parents and students that the student has not submitted the assignment yet, meaning that there is no evidence of success with the standard.  We do not want to put a zero because a zero indicates that the student has attempted, but even with help they can not do it, suggesting that the student either needs help or might need to go through the RTI process.  

We just need and accurate way to reflect what a student can do versus grading their behavior of - did they turn something in on time.  I would love to help the canvas team improve their system so that they can accurately record grades for standards based learning since more districts and colleges are moving in that direction.  

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I like this idea. The standards-based grading tools in Canvas are still growing and need to add more features like this.

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