No refreshing to progress on mastery paths


Currently, the learner has to refresh the page to continue after a mastery paths quiz. 

This seems more like a bug than a limitation. And, it's really difficult for low-level learners to be instructed to do that. 

Canvas support have at times said that this is 'intentional behaviour', yet sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. This is not a consistent experience and learners should not have to be instructed to 'somtimes' click refresh or even click refresh at all. 

This needs fixing as it's a great tool that cannot be used for e-learning in its current state. 


314520_Next mastery path is still loading.png

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I also wish we could change the term intentional/intended behaviour to expected (or similar).

Intentional sounds as though the event/idea was planned. This is sometimes not such a great term to use when someone points out an issue with said behaviour that needs modifying. 

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This was NOT the case last year. We have used Mastery Paths extensively and our students were always assigned their new assignments immediately upon submitting their quiz.


Now more often than not, we get the message that Mastery Paths are locked until the quiz has been graded. The problem is that he quiz grades automatically and IS already graded. 

Even when we refresh it will NOT unlock the conditional assignments.


This is making our course a nightmare. We rely on Mastery Paths to make our course work.

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 @sdavick ,

Have you found any workaround for this issue? We have been using the Mastery Paths for 1 year and now some students are highlighting this problem when before there were no problems at all.

Curious to know how you solve this.