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Not Accurate Completion on Unofficial Transcript

Not Accurate Completion on Unofficial Transcript

Hi everyone,

We have a student who has received a completion certificate for completing multiple courses in Canvas Catalog. However, the only way to get the certificate and to have the unofficial transcript read complete is by completing all of the modules in the course by completing requirements. However, I noticed the modules in the courses that the student was enrolled in were not set up to send a certificate when reaching specific requirements to trigger Catalog that they have completed the course and to put this information into the unofficial transcript. To fix the courses to make the information appear correctly on the unofficial transcript this is the way the modules need to be set up:

If the course is not set up correctly and the student has already completed the course, to update the unofficial transcript correctly the student needs to drop the course and then if it is a paid course they will need to be provided a promotional code so the student will not need to pay for the course again. Then, they can re-enroll in the course and the unofficial transcript will be accurate.

Can there be a feature in Catalog and/or in Canvas to remind people to set up their courses with requirements so the transcript and certificates work correctly?

Here is the example of the analytics:


Here is the unofficial transcript information:


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