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Notebook feature?

Notebook feature?

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With classes having to resort to online learning due to COVID-19 implementing a notebook feature would be helpful for students and (possibly) professors. This feature would not have to be sophisticated at all just space where an individual can write down some quick notes before a video lecture-discussion. Being able to access a notebook for each subject could be possible or even just one notebook where multiple subjects for different topics can be organized efficiently. This idea is roughly coming from Microsoft's Onenote program through the Microsoft suite but as mentioned it does need to be near as complex just need some space to take notes. 

Community Team
Community Team
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We are being increasingly asked by our students (undergraduates/post-graduates) for a facility for making notes/annotations and highlighting content on the Canvas page itself (i.e. not PDFs) rather than having to make them elsewhere outside of the Canvas environment. 

The nature of our courses means they are quite content heavy and this would be a welcome addition to facilitate learning.

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