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Notification For Late Quizzes

Notification For Late Quizzes


For E-Learning our district is allowing students to retake any assessment as many times as they would like, and are allowing all late work. It would be very helpful to know if a student has submitted a Canvas Quiz past its due date so that it is easier to keep track of student grades and what they still need to make up. This would allow the teacher to know what assessments have been taken late beyond just scrolling through every entry of their gradebook after each sync. 


Hi,  @kstites . Are you looking for a notification through the Canvas notification system that goes to an email address or another type of notification in Canvas somewhere such as an entry on the todo list?

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Yes—that is exactly what I am looking for. I changed my notification settings to email me for late assignments but it is not doing so for canvas quizzes.

Kelly Stites

WTHS Math Department

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Yes, this would be so helpful! I agree! Smiley Happy 


Yes! We NEED this feature. Why wouldn't we be able to select to have Canvas notify us if a quiz is submitted late? How else will we know to go grade it and update our other gradebooks?


I made an account just now to say PLEASE enable this.


Bump! This is critical especially if our canvas gradebook doesn’t sync with our school gradebook. I’ve been locking it and then unlocking it per student but then I still have to make sure to go back. 

and yes I know I could manually check grade books and I could page through Speedgrader for lates  but  if it can do late already it can do notifications. 


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE allow canvas to put it on my to do list to grade a late submission quiz (new or old format).  I could get around this in the old quizzes by putting in an essay question that required me to grade it.  But the new quizzes doesn't even notify me when I need to grade essay questions.  REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED THIS NOTIFICATION!!!!!


I just made an account to say... please add this feature!

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Ahhhhh, I didn't realize that I wouldn't get a notification about a late quiz! Ideally, there'd be a location in Canvas where I can go and see a running log of submissions (regardless of assignment or session) so that I can address late work systematically when I'm ready. I thought I had found an inconvenient solution by receiving a email each time a late assignment is submitted and filtering it to a folder. Now I find out that I'm not notified about late quizzes ?! 

PLEASE change it so that we're notified about late quizzes!


Agreed. The absence of this feature is a blistering oversight. Come on people. This should be done already.