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Notifications by Course

Notifications by Course

It would be great to be able to set notifications for each individual course.  There have been many times that I needed really detailed notifications and other times I needed nearly zero notifications.  Under the current system it is all or none.
Note from the Community Team: also requests this capability. We consider combined support for both ideas as part of our regular prioritization process.

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For details, please read through the Canvas Release Notes (2020-04-18)

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I vote for notification for each individual course.


Community Participant

My gosh, this request has been open since 2015 with no action, and there are over 700 votes.  Another similar issue is also open with over 400 votes.  We are new to Canvas, and we had this option in Blackboard.  I don't like having to say "we could do that with blackboard but we can't with Canvas."  When will this be implemented??

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I am one of those who has been asking for this change over the past several years.  I have just sent a message out to my colleagues about this to encourage them to also comment and vote for this change.  I encourage you all to invite your colleagues to log in and vote.   Thanks!

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I have different roles in different courses (primary instructor vs. observer, librarian, etc.) I need to get all the notifications for courses where I'm the primary instructor, but this turns them on for all courses which is overwhelming and may cause me to miss the notifications I need to see most.

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This is just WAY TOO LONG OVERDUE!!!

Not all institutions use Canvas the same way. Some don't even use it "right." And individuals get real lazy about maintaining their course census so PLEEEEEEEEAAASE implement this feature ASAP. The unwelcome alerts are driving me NUTS!!!

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I would LOVE to be able to turn off notifications for courses I'm the lead faculty for (but not actually teaching). I get so many grading alerts for these other courses that I can barely see my own. I really wish I could at least turn off alerts for a particular course, even if more granular notification abilities aren't available.

Community Participant

I just want to be able to tell which notification came from which course I am supporting (I am not a teacher but the guy that is supposed to know everything during our pilot.)  I see where a student would get confused by the notifications not knowing which course the assignment is or content has been added to etc. since many of our students take four or five courses a semester here.


I tried a new idea but had it tossed into "cold storage" and told it was part of this discussion which is four years old. 

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Hi, Rick. If the student changes their Dashboard to “list view” it categorizes the to-do items by course. Not ideal, but it’s somewhat of a workaround for those who don’t like the traditional to-do list on the card view dashboard.

Julie D. Fountain



Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences<>

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This is 100% necessary! We had staff who are included on 30+ courses and only need notifications for 1 or 2 of them. It would make canvas so much more user friendly!

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Hi Julie,

Even with my Dashboard changed to "list view" the text notifications I receive do not tell me which class it belongs to. So, I may get just "URGENT" in the text, but then I have to log in to Canvas and try to figure out which class sent the Urgent notification.

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One of the groups that I'm in posts all of it's events for induction, but I'm already inducted so the notifications are extremely annoying

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Auto notifications is a huge intellectual property problem with Canvas.  As the current model is set material is "sent out" before it may be completed/finalized/double checked.  In general intro courses this is not really a problem, but in higher level coursed (i.e. advanced university students) this can be a real issue when data/schematics/procedures are shared on a very limited basis.  This is needs to be addressed yesterday.

Community Champion

I had an instructor ask me about this just a couple of weeks ago. Having this feature would've saved her a lot of unnecessary notifications from just one course while she wants them in her others.

Community Contributor

Upvoted! We've heard this request so many times, pretty please make it happen Instructure!

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Totally agree on this!

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Hi Canvas Team,

The ability to change notification settings for each course would help me immensely. I am currently a student assistant for the civil engineering department at my school where I help instructors set up their courses. As a result, I am added as a designer to many courses and receive course notifications that do not apply to me. Since I am also a student, these extra notifications clutter my already overwhelming email notifications.

Please reconsider this update!



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I just chatted with an agent and learned this feature is not available, and would like to chime in with resounding support for this improvement.

Now, if only I could vote the historical Chicago way: "vote early and vote often." 

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Just curious what department at my University you all would suggest contacting to lobby Canvas on our behalf for this feature. We as individuals cannot threaten to to take our business elsewhere since we are mandated by our institutions to use Canvas. So I'd like to get the people who can do that involved, which would actually give Canvas an incentive improve their service. 

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A few days ago, the banner (see screenshot below) appeared at the top of my home page after logging in to Canvas. I used the survey as a way to explain the issue of notifications by course and to plea for a resolution! If the Canvas survey is appearing on other institutions' home page, consider submitting your feedback about notifications by course on the survey . . . in addition to up voting here.


Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

That is a great idea,  @mhollowell , and thanks for suggesting it here. Ideas are but one of several ways the product team engages with Canvas users to build and improve features: What is the feature development process for Canvas?