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O365 Cloud Assignment for Apps

O365 Cloud Assignment for Apps

We are a O365 K-12 School District. Part of the draw of Canvas was the integration with Office and other tools.  


However, I ran across the release note today: Canvas Release: Microsoft Office 365 LTI  that highlights the lack of integration with Cloud Assignments on the app. (copied below)


My request is to allow students to access and complete an O365 Cloud Assignment from the app. This is huge for low income and/or rural students who do not have access to computers and rely on their phones.  OneDrive allows them to work on documents from any device, any where which allows greater access to students. Canvas already integrates with OneDrive, can we make it more reliable and user friendly by extending this to the app?



"Canvas Mobile App Features

The following functionality relates to Microsoft Office 365 in the Canvas by Instructure app and SpeedGrader app:


Canvas by Instructure

  • Authentication through Microsoft is not supported in the Canvas app.
  • Collaborations are not supported in the Canvas app.
  • Microsoft Office 365 files can be viewed in a mobile device by downloading the OneDrive mobile app.
  • In cloud assignments, the students can view the assignment description but cannot view the cloud assignment. In the submission tab, students can view a link to access the assignment externally, though the link is not currently functional as it cannot connect the student to the student’s Microsoft Office 365 account for online editing. Instructors who incorporate cloud assignments into their coursework should let students know that cloud assignment are not currently supported in the Canvas app.
  • File upload submission types can accept files from the Microsoft OneDrive mobile app. Similar to submitting Google documents as assignments, students can share a supported file from the OneDrive app and import it to Canvas.
  • Modules can display external tools set to a Microsoft Office 365 document if students log in to their accounts.




Cloud assignment submissions do not display in the app."  @Canvas Release: Microsoft Office 365 LTI