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Because I have students submit multiple drafts of scripts that they write (for foreign language performances), I prefer that they "share" office documents with me.  That way I can highlight items that they need to adjust, have them rework those parts, and  then re-share and leave the highlights.  That way I can re-read their documents very quickly and provide much more timely feedback to them (rather than re-reading the entire document and making all new annotations again.  I count these drafts as assignments, but I cannot have students submit to Canvas and use my efficient method for providing feedback because there is not an option to also share the document.  I can annotate via Speedgrader, but it is far more arduous than re-annotating the Office 365 document and slows down the feedback process for students who are waiting for those annotations to continue their work.  I would love to see the submit option be linked to sharing the document.  I understand that allow instructors to edit is dicey because the assignment is graded, but Office records who edits and when with a time stamp.  All I want to do is provide feedback.  Thank you.

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Thanks for sharing this request, @9927440 . Microsoft is responsible for enhancements to O365 functionality, so please send your idea directly to them. You'll find contact links on their Partner Page:  Partner Listing: Microsoft Education

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Thank you.   That makes sense.  I have posted there.