One location for ALL functions associated with viewing, grading, and adjusting due dates


The gradebook really needs to be a 1-stop-shop. Currently if there is even one anomaly among your students for a given assignment, the gradebook quickly becomes unwieldy.  I teach middle school and I am constantly making adjustments for individual students due to unique circumstances, absences, need for corrections and/or resubmissions, etc. When the slider window opens from the cell in the grade book, we should be able to:

1. View the submission/resubmission and student submission comments

2. Add/change a grade 

3. Add feedback (even better if there was a comment bank for this handily accessible here too)

4. Extend a due date or set a resubmission due date for that student only

5. Add or remove a status label

Currently in order to adjust more than one of these factors for ONE student and ONE assignment, the click count is in the double digits and I would have to visit no fewer than 3 different locations in Canvas. Now, if that same student missed 3 or 4 assignments, or if I need to do this for more than one student, chances are I've been pulled away long before I managed to get them done, and who knows if/when I'll ever get back to it.

On a similar note, the speedgrader is different depending on where you were when you opened it. For example, sometimes when I open the speedgrader I see and can adjust the status labels, and other times I don't. Sometimes in speed grader I can open an attachment, other times I can't. But no matter what, I can never adjust a due date for a single student without going in and editing the assignment page to add a new due date for that one student. Sorry - but that is a real pain.

It really needs to be a whole lot more efficient that that and available from one spot. We have way too many demands coming at us from every direction to have to accomplish multiple steps and visit multiple locations to make a single adjustment for a single student on a single assignment.

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Thanks for sharing this idea. We've had to archive it because it combines multiple separate requests for enhancements to the Gradebook; in effect, it is requesting a new and different gradebook. The Idea Conversations forum accommodates focused requests for a specific enhancement to a single feature, as detailed in How do I create a new idea conversation in the Canvas Community?  Some of the suggestions you've incorporated in this detailed request are currently being discussed as individual ideas, so please search the forum for existing ideas to support.

If your organization is interested in pursuing a complete redesign of the gradebook, please present this feedback via your district Canvas admin to the Customer Success Manager (CSM) for your organization; they might be able to help your school explore solutions.