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One-on-one chat function

One-on-one chat function

When I log into Canvas, I as a faculty member would like to be available to my students for one-on-one chat, regardless of which of my courses they are currently in. This function would mimic students dropping by my office with questions outside of posted office hours. If I have Canvas open, they can quickly ask me questions in real time. I believe there should be an option to either be visible or invisible to one's students if Canvas is open in one's browser.

Right now, Canvas has the ability for course-wide chat if one has opened the course chat; however, I have to be in a specific course chat window for students to contact me. Also, communication is visible to all students who are in chat simultaneously. I think the current design could be improved or augmented as described above.

Community Team
Community Team, you might also be interested in , which we have just opened for voting. 

Community Member

Hello Stefanie,

This alternative idea would not open up the idea of individual chat to be simultaneously available for students in any of my courses.