Ongoing assignment notification from date available until due date

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Hello, Can the IT/coding dept. consider a way to show when assignments are available and then when they are due? I find myself creating fake due dates because I want the assignment to show up on the student's schedule so they know to work on it. I want a way for the assignment to show up on the schedule every day until it is due. Perhaps color coding that an assignment is available and then using another color on the due date will work. I just need a way to show students that they need to begin working on an assignment and for it to show up on their schedule every day until the due date.

The "to-do" list is helpful but if there are a lot of assignments due on a particular day, the other assignments are pushed back. I need something that shows up every day.

Since students can filter the assignments by subject area, it would be helpful for the assignment to show up once it's available and to be clearly marked as available and not due.
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