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Open Canvas Files in New Window (without downloading)

Open Canvas Files in New Window (without downloading)


I am looking for a more intuitive experience when using Canvas. Outside of Canvas, you might come across a hyperlink to a file like a PDF or graphic that you click and a new window opens with that file without downloading. In Canvas, there are "Link Options" that lets creates an icon that automatically opens an in-line preview for files within Canvas. This means it pops up in the same window, and if you don't click the icon that is created for the preview, the file is downloaded automatically. The workaround at the moment is to house the linked file outside of Canvas and create a hyperlink from outside of Canvas. It would be nice is the file could be stored within Canvas and a new window pops up with the file without being downloaded. This is the experience of this particular scenario where you are more likely to experience outside of Canvas.

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I would also love to see this feature. I have been trying to make this work in Canvas and now realize that it's not possible. I strongly recommend that this be an added feature in the near future.