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Open Quiz file submissions in Annotation tool, like Assignments; or make Proctorio ava 4 Assignments

Open Quiz file submissions in Annotation tool, like Assignments; or make Proctorio ava 4 Assignments

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Currently instructors have to choose between proctoring students (Proctorio tool is available only in Quizzes, not in Assignments) and grading convenience (Assignment file submissions open in nice Annotation environment, Quiz file submissions show up as download links only). There are workarounds: choosing Assignments I can create a proctored Quiz with a link to an Assignment, but then I must check for every single Proctorio record, that the student stayed in Proctorio until they submitted the test. Most of them abandon Proctorio as soon as they get a link to the actual test. Or if I want a good semi-automatic proctoring experience, I have to give up on the Annotation tool in Canvas. There's no workaround here: I have to download all files, grade them elsewhere, and then reupload as comments in SpeedGrader, wasting an hour or two every week on mindless clicking and waiting for up/downloads. Why can't we have both? I realize quiz category may have been initially designed for on-screen response quizzes, but since it does accept 'file upload' type of questions, why make it extra hard for me to grade them? Suggestion #2: since we're taking file uploads under quizzes, can we please also have file type restrictions, as in Assignments? No matter how many times I plead with students to submit a pdf, there will be someone who sends a jpeg. Thanks!

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Community Team
Community Team
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Thanks for sharing this idea. Please add your comments to the discussion underway at New Quizzes: Allow File Upload Question Submissions to be Previewed in Speedgrader. We've archived this one to remove the duplication and keep the conversation unified in one place.

And for your second suggestion, in New Quizzes this is already possible, please reference this guide for more details: