Option for peer or self grading quiz with drop down of students/class


In graduate school, we do a lot of peer grading and self assessment. It would be SO AWESOME if there was an option on quizzes to select a type of quiz that was self/peer review and then you could select a class/group that would be a drop down for them to pick and grade.

Right now, every semester, I am having to create the quizzes either in canvas or qualtrix and then individually extract the grades. it is SO time consuming and I KNOW this would be easy to code.

Proposed idea: 

  • Make a quiz option for peer/self grading.
  • Have option to select group for drop down (e.g., whole class).
  • Have grade from quiz auto pipe to correct students grade book.  
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This idea sounds interesting, but I don't quite understand what you're suggesting. Could you explain how it would work in a scenario?

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Hi Venitk- 

For example, if you are teaching a class, and you have 5 students (just a small example) and you want students A, B, C, D, E to grade each other and you have an assignment list, you could set up a quiz with the questions and 1 of the question items is a drop down where you make the drop down options be all of the students. Then since it is a peer grading quiz, it would identify the grade to correspond with the student selected. 

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I think so 

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This sounds similar to requests to have students evaluate each other as part of a team project. Students would provide a grade for other students as part of the evaluation and instructors want that grade to go directly into the gradebook so they don't have to type it in themselves. Why re-type something that has already been entered and risk getting it wrong?

Canvas does not allow students to assign grades to other students that count towards the other student's grade. This philosophy is not a one-off decision: peer reviews cannot be used for grades and student-organized groups cannot be for grading.

One concern with your request is that students are asked who they evaluated. Most students will get it right, but some won't. As an example, we allow students to provide anonymous feedback to their instructors at the end of the course. Even though they have to click on the name of the course and the instructor's name is listed at the top of the form, we still get students who contact us and say they filled it out for the wrong course. As a safeguard, deans are not allowed to take action based solely on the anonymous feedback provided.

There is already a peer review process in Canvas that tracks the students rather than relying on a student to correctly choose who they evaluated.

That process is not without its own issues. You cannot use multiple rubrics for a single assignment, so the rubric the instructor fills out for the actual grade must be the same that the student fills out for the evaluation. Students must submit to Canvas first (no paper submissions) and you have to go through and assign the peer reviews so there are timing issues. There are other issues as well.

Several years ago, I used peer reviews where part of the process was students evaluating each other. They completed a rubric and provided feedback to each other. I then took the the average of the student reviews of each other and my review of their reviews.

This information is not easy to extract from Canvas. There is no button to download rubrics. I have written (but not shared publicly) a script that will download rubric information. Even then, peer review rubrics are not associated with the submission, so it cannot be downloaded through the API (programming required). My early attempts to do this required me to go through each peer review and transfer a grade to a spreadsheet where I did the calculations and manually entered the grades into the gradebook. Later, I discovered a way to get the data from the developer tools of the browser and then I could copy and paste the content into a file and process it programmatically.

Canvas allows grades to be automatically entered, either through a gradebook upload (web interface) or through their API (programming required), but since my classes are small, I found it quicker to manually enter the grades. Later, when I was updating grades for lots of assignments (from an online homework system), I wrote code to automatically sync the grades with Canvas.

I feel your frustration of Canvas not doing what you want it to do. Canvas designs for the masses and high-end users are often left without an solution. I have spent a lot of time writing code to enhance Canvas and what you are asking is definitely not easy to code.

With Classic Quizzes, you can go to quiz statistics and download a student analysis. That file contains the answers to the questions, so it would contain the student name and the score.  Using Excel, you could extract the information from there and put it into a gradebook export that you could then import back into Canvas. Classic Quizzes is in the process of being replaced by New Quizzes and the functionality to download answers doesn't exist with New Quizzes yet.

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Totally agree!

This is not the same as student choosing who to grade as one commenter suggested, but the instructor's ability to choose that option. The idea follows "flip-the-class" philosophy.  

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A great leaning tool is anonymous peer grading of quizzes and exams under faculty supervision. As of now, only uploaded assignments can be peer reviewed.

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