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Option to Hide Inactive Students from Gradebook

Option to Hide Inactive Students from Gradebook

  This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas
  Idea open for vote Wed. February 3, 2016 - Wed. May 4, 2016  Learn more about voting...

So we implemented some changes to our process for handling dropped students based on the new Inactive enrollment status for withdrawn students feature. This is going to be a great improvement when it comes to faculty access of dropped students activity in a course (usually for financial aid or grade dispute reasons). However, one issue we've run into is that the inactive students are still showing up in the gradebook. I understand this is intended functionality and the rationale behind it, however, our faculty do need a way to hide those students from their gradebook.


What I would like to propose is something similar to how the "Show Concluded Enrollments" toggle works in the gradebook settings. I'm not too particular on whether the default should be "hide" and the toggle should "show" or vice versa but having the option to filter them out would be a huge help.


Edit 1/29/2016:

I would want this toggle to be permanent, rather than session-limited the way "Show Concluded" is. This way the setting lasts until it's toggled back off, rather than having to be re-toggled on each new session.



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For more information, please read through the Canvas Production Release Notes (2016-04-23)

Community Member

I agree - being able to hide them in the Gradebook as well as other places would be a great feature.

Explorer II

We are getting complains from faculties on seeing "inactive" students in their gradebook. They want to be able to hide those from the gradebook.

Community Member​ - we have found a workaround to hide them.  Click the gear next to the export button in the Gradebook and choose "Show concluded Enrollments" - this hides inactive students.


Explorer II

Thank you, Samuel Bachert, for a nice tip! I tried and it worked. Although I have to tell that it conflicts with definition of "concluded enrollments" - "Users will be able to access the course but not be able to submit assignments, participate in discussions or send/receive conversation messages in the course." So when we click "Show concluded Enrollments", Canvas should show students who are "INACTIVE" in the course. It seems that the feature works in opposite way.

I'll share your tip with our faculty. At least, they will have the work-around. Thank you for sharing it with me.



I've got to try this tomorrow! Thanks for the heads up Sam. I never would have thought to try this...

Community Member

You bet.  Thanks, Sam

Community Member

no problem.

Thanks, Sam

Community Member

Thanks Izabella! This was driving me crazy. It's great to be able to hide students in the gradebook who are not in the class anymore.

Lamplighter II

I also noticed the same functionality as​ noticed. In my test course I make one student inactive and with another student  I made the enrollment concluded by student (not course). The functionality of the Show all concluded enrollments works differently between these two states and is quite confusing.

  • The inactive student by default is listed in the gradebook with no inactive tag next to student's name. If I choose Show concluded enrollments this student disappears.
  • The concluded student does not display in the gradebook by default. If I choose show concluded enrollments, the student now displays. The concluded student also does not have a tag marking the student as concluded.

We are opting to conclude enrollments for students and check the boxes by section and course dates that students can only participate between selected dates. Then in the admin settings we plan to check the box next to Restrict students from viewing courses after end date. The show concluded enrollments functionality in the gradebook needs to be more consistent. The inactive and concluded enrollments in the gradebook need to display in red or have a tag by their name so faculty know the state of the student at a glance.

Community Member

I agree the Show Concluded Students option is confusing/counter-intuitive.  Susan brought up a good point.  I would like to see an inactive tag in the gradebook by the student's name similar to the tag showing in People.

We're K12, happy about the inactive status.  While we won't have financial or grade dispute issues, the concluded status allowed the student to continue to see all the assignments, discussions, etc. for their dropped courses even for content added after they were concluded (by SIS file upload).  If the student decided to wait for a term prior to taking the course, we didn't want them to have read access to the previous content.