Option to Run Provisioning Report with multiple Terms


Currently, the provisioning report in Canvas can either be run for one Term or for ALL terms. Running it for ALL terms causes delay in the other integration jobs and sometimes failure of the provisioning runs. 

If there can be an arrangement of running provision report wit multiple terms (the ones which are relevant) , this would save a lot of time and the rest of the integration jobs can take their time without resulting in the failure of provisioning report run.

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Instructure Alumni
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I second this!

Now that we are about 8 years into our Canvas use with 6 (term/semester combos) per year, my current provision report pull takes well over an hour to complete. I really only need to pull the active terms which would be 2-4 depending on the date.

Up to now, it's been fine running it once a day after hours early in the morning. However, we are now syncing with the SIS every 6 hours and it would be nice to have our processes aligned. I can't run my current process that frequently pull all of that data that I don't really need.

For the moment, I will probably create a process to look up the active terms and then create 2-4 separate pulls and then concatenate the files on the other side.

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