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Option to Use Stylus with Speedgrader on Ipad

Option to Use Stylus with Speedgrader on Ipad

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Hey All,

As of now, Canvas Speedgrader allows the use of a stylus/pen via the mouse on a standard computer monitor. However, when logged in on an Ipad, the option to use a stylus/pen to grade in Speedgrader disappears. I would like the feature added for use on Ipads so that we may use a Stylus to grade assignments on the Ipad instead of having to print assignments, grade, and scan back in.

Thank you!


Comments from Instructure

For more information, please read through the Canvas Teacher Release Notes (iOS, Android 1.0).

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My apologies--just to clarify, is the ability to use the stylus for inputting written comments / markups, or for navigating touch controls via the stylus? Or both?

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The ability to use the stylus for inputting written comments/markups. I believe you can already access touch controls with a stylus, but currently there is no option to write on assignments that are scanned in to instructors in order to grade on the screen and provide handwritten feedback. That is what I would like to add.

There is the option to provide handwritten feedback via stylus when you are on a desktop computer, however when you are on a tablet, the drop down that allows you to select stylus for handwriting disappears.

Katelyn Littler, M.Ed

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Beyond the stylus, it would be nice is the SpeedGrader App allowed for the robust Comment tool to be used, which is part of full SpeedGrader. But I suspect that the issue may be an inability to integrate Crocodoc on the app platform.

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​We are a 1-1 iPad school and this feature would be hugely welcomed as it would with the growing number of other iPad schools. The ability to hand comment on students work as part of an effective work flow is critical for adoption of this platform by teachers. Crocadoc is html5 compliant so there should not be an issue really although perhaps it is an app problem. Would like to see a bit more work done for those using mobile devices..

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I would love for our teachers to be able to write on student work using the Speedgrader app. This has been our most asked question from our elementary and middle school teachers. We used the eBackpack program this past year to do this (along with pushing and receiving student work) and it was great. It allowed for a streamlined process and allowed teachers to grade work from their iPad just like they were used to doing with paper/pencil. I thought Canvas would also have this feature and am hoping it is implemented so our teachers can have everything connect through Canvas instead of running through a separate program.

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It would be nice to see some evidence of what the roadmap is for the Canvas App or what work is being done on HTML5. There is an awful lot of competition for similar workflow models out there eg for one and this could be a key selling point for us for staff if we choose Canvas. Don't want to start them off with a list of "not at this moment..."

Community Coach
Community Coach

As we saw/heard at InstructureCon, better annotations are coming. They should have already been there, but Box dropped the ball on their mobile integration and now has the mobile team working on other solutions. I think this feature is vital, and one of the best advantages to using a tablet. Currently the only annotation supported in SpeedGrader is comments, although, any annotations made on the web are viewable in the Canvas SpeedGrader app. You got my vote.


This would be awesome. Being able to annotate on student papers with a stylus in the mobile app would put Canvas in yet another league!

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Hey All, This feature requires a lot of work, but we've already begun! It also requires a partnership with a 3rd party that we are currently in negotiations with. As soon as that is finalized, I'll have a better idea of what our timeline is.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Thats awesome to hear. The teachers in my building (we are a 1:1 iPad school) will be thrilled to know about the progress!