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Option to Use Stylus with Speedgrader on Ipad

Option to Use Stylus with Speedgrader on Ipad

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

Hey All,

As of now, Canvas Speedgrader allows the use of a stylus/pen via the mouse on a standard computer monitor. However, when logged in on an Ipad, the option to use a stylus/pen to grade in Speedgrader disappears. I would like the feature added for use on Ipads so that we may use a Stylus to grade assignments on the Ipad instead of having to print assignments, grade, and scan back in.

Thank you!


Comments from Instructure

For more information, please read through the Canvas Teacher Release Notes (iOS, Android 1.0).

Community Coach
Community Coach

Ah yes, 50+ votes is actually very good for a mobile-centric idea. I'll keep this in mind as I look through the community and see if I can direct traffic to this idea. 

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Thanks Ryan

Community Member

I cannot access this screen in IOS (iPad) as the pdf submissions I have in Speedgrader that seems fine says "It seems there aren't any valid submissions to grade" on the iPad. What format(s) of submissions does this feature work on??

I can't find any documentation on how / where to access the screen you snapshotted.

I tried pdf ("no valid submissions")

screenshot in png format ("no valid submissions")

google docs (just opens the google doc new window, no annotations possible)

photo (jpg) opens the photo, but no ability to annotate with a stylus.

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FYI I am trying all these out on the Test Student before I get real students to submit assignments to see how it will work. Could this be the problem?