Option to build a dropdown menu for grades in SpeedGrader




There are restrictions on the marking points and grades available and I can set this in the rubric but, what would be very useful is to provide the capacity in SpeedGrader to set the full range of available marks as a comma-separated list, and for this list to then present in a dropdown menu. I hope the mockup shows what it would look like.

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@JedKeenan -

I like this idea as well.  Although I am not sure I would use it.  I imagine I would, but I would have to see how it was implemented.  I guess it would be in the settings for speedgrader to include the grade list or not in a drop down.  

I want to say that in certain areas, Canvas remembers previous values and does provide a dropdown of those values (moderate quiz times is one that I can think of).  Even having that capability in speedgrader would help as you were grading, you would slowly build up the list of grades possible.


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