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Option to mark assignment as "completed"

Option to mark assignment as "completed"

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After an assignment (which was originally worth points) is late, I'd like the option as a teacher to mark it simply as "completed " or "collected" and not have to assign points.  In this pandemic, we are trying to be flexible with students and not take off points for late work.  I want to communicate to students and families that the work was completed, but points are not being attached.  So for a given assignment, I'd like both options - be able to assign points for on time work, but "collected" if the work is done but late.  

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Community Team
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Agreed -- a simple 'collected' status is one we are used to using in our SIS that would be helpful if it was mirrored in the Canvas gradebook!  Thanks for raising up!


Also problematic is that when I don't assign points and leave it blank, speed grader doesn't recognize that I've reviewed the assignment.  It keeps showing up as ungraded in my grade book and also remains on my to-do list.  This makes it really tough to stay organized.