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Option to mute assignments by default

Option to mute assignments by default

  Idea will be open for vote May 5 - August 5 Learn more about voting...


Institutions or instructors who wish to always mute an assignment before providing feedback must 1) remember to do so, and 2) perform multiple clicks to mute each assignment.


An option to default every newly created assignment to a muted state would make them happy.


  Comments from Instructure...

July 22 response from Jason Sparks


At previously mentioned, muting of assignments by default is not something we would actively pursue as new functionality; however, we can make the process easier if we added the option as a tic box in the assignment creation process.  Would an enhancement like this be sufficient to meet most of your needs?


Response from the Community Team

This idea is not planned and will be archived.  Please do continue the conversation as needed.

Response from the OP

If you voted for this, and are still interested in this functionality PLEASE vote on Mute assignment as a option at assignment creation!


And you have to Publish before you have the option to Mute which means students get at least 1 notification that the assignment is out there before you have a chance to use Mute for it's intended purpose of stopping notifications to students.


Here is a link to Scott's Idea that he references above: " modifiedtitle="true" title="Need the option to Mute the assignment before it is Published

I think a lot of those interested in this idea will be interested in that idea as well.


Thanks for the crosspost Deactivated user​.  This kind of moderation work will go a long way in keeping the community on track for feature and enhancement disucssions.  Liking how the new community is working out in this regard


The option to mute assignments by default would be an easy way to provide a way around this issue of needing to publish an assignment just to mute it.  Having a way to do it during creation and/or on the right sidebar or gear menu and not only in the Grades tool is the key here.

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So how the heck do I vote?  I can't find anything to click on here.

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Voting doesn't open until May 5th. For now, I've been bookmarking features I plan to vote on. Though, I don't know exactly how the mechanics of voting will work.


Here is the page for how testing goes: How does the voting process work for feature ideas?


I was glad to see this feature request.  The current mute method is frustrating to me. If I could I would vote more than once.

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FYI all, there is another feature idea that relates to muting assignments that will be open for vote on June 3rd... be sure to check out, chime in, and bookmark this so you can come back to vote it up if you think it would be a valuable feature as well.


It would be useful to include the Mute option in the quiz settings, so instructors do not need to co...

Comment from an instructor: Using Mute Assignment in the Grade Book is necessary for many higher-sta...


Great idea @jthoms

Please, please, please all vote for this.

It would make life for Teachers and Course Administrators so much easier. I've lost count of the number of times people forget to do this.

The normal problem occurs when the assignment is not muted and some submissions are marked.

Students mention this to one another and the poor teacher then gets bombarded by emails, phone messages or by students knocking on the office door asking why they haven’t had feedback.