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Override Late Policy in Speedgrader

Override Late Policy in Speedgrader

This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

For more information, please read through the  Canvas Release Notes (2021-10-16).

Currently, teachers must go to the Gradebook to override an automatic deduction due to a student submission being late.  It would be more convenient if a teacher could override the late deduction while grading in Speedgrader. late policy‌ newgradebook‌


Current Speedgrader View (No option to edit/override):



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This is infuriating.

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PLEASE implement this.  The phrase "crying need" springs to mind.  This is long overdue.

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Having this functionality would be beneficial. 

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The people have spoken! 

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Canvas considers an assignment late if it's more than a few minutes late, and includes weekends and holidays in the number of days late. This is very frustrating for me as a teacher, and I know it creates a lot of unnecessary conflict and anxiety for my students and their families.  It's definitely helpful to know the number of days late for late assignments, but not if the parameters are inflexible and require constant adjustment. 

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Seconding—this would things MUCH easier especially during COVID times, when everyone's excused absences are multiplying.

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This is a really needed feature.  It's dumb that I can't just indicate that an assignment is NOT late in Speedgrader.  I love the ability for late percentages or points to be automatically calculated, but we need the ability to override this feature in an easy way.  Having to go through the Grades page is a huge hassle.

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Here's a workaround userscript that'll add a status override dropdown:

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@paulbui  Thank you!🙌

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@paulbui You're the bomb.  This is just what I needed.  Thank you!!

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@paulbui Quick install and working so far, thanks!

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Unfortunately, when I installed this I was no longer able to access my "Files" through the menu (the list was blank), so I deleted the Tampermonkey extension, and I was able to see my "Files" again.  I tried reinstalling it on a later date, using a different server (school vs. home), but had the same problem, so I deleted it again, and have not reinstalled it.  Access to my "Files" is more important to me!

Did anyone else have this issue?

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This is needed - it is a hassle in the web-based speedgrader to un-late-ify something, but it isn't even possible is using the Canvas Teacher app.  

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I would also like to be able to exclude specific students from the late and/or missing policies in Canvas. (Example: a student with a 504 for whom late work deductions cannot occur should be always excluded from the late work policy)

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Totally agree with monroej.  We should be able to exclude certain students from the late/missing policy.

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This is so ridiculous. I submitted this same idea three years ago but of course nothing came of it. It is such a pain to have to go back-and-forth between Speedgrader and the gradebook. If I can see the late penalty, why can I not remove it??

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I do like the automatic late penalty option, but sometimes I hate it- and this is why.

I wish there was a way to override the late penalty for individual students right in speedgrader.  Currently, after grading the assignment, I have to click out of speedgrader into "Grades", look for the specific assignment, click on the student's name and click "none".  That's too many steps!


Also, sometimes I want specific assignments to not have an automatic late penalty.  I wish there was a way to select some assignments that can opt out of the late penalty.  

Lastly, I wish there was an option for the incremental late penalty to be set on "weekly" instead of "daily".


Thank you!

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Add in my vote - in general, any time Canvas displays some setting or parameter, it should be at least clickable to a popup to adjust that setting (or spawn a new tab to that specific setting's page.)

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When having automatic late days deductions the only place to change the late days is in the gradebook. It would be nice if you could alter this amount when grading in speed grader for things like people who don't count weekends or need to change the amount of days late due to IEPs, etc.

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Adding the ability to add/remove/adjust late penalties within the SpeedGrader tool would be awesome!