First of all, I really like Pronto and the ability to quickly chat with fellow students. Second of all, thank you SO much for making suggestions to Canvas so easy. Can we PLEASE allow Pronto to minimize, not just exit out completely? As I chat with my work group for example, I cannot see my entire screen without exiting completely. A minimizing option would be ideal. Also, for Pronto, can we add a 'compose a message' icon? Thank you!

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Thanks for sharing this idea. Are you referring to this application: Pronto: All-In-One Communication Platform Built Simple? If so, that is a third-party tool that is not part of Canvas, but integrates with Canvas. Requests for enhancements and additions to the tool will need to be shared directly with that company. I found a Support link on their website which might be a good starting point for your inquiry.


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Hi There!

This is Ben from Pronto! Previously Pronto did minimize down to a Pronto icon in the lower right corner. What we found was that no matter where we put the minimized icon, it ended up covering up something for someone in within Canvas. Ultimately we decided through interviews with our customers that it would be best to have it move over to the global navigation panel.  The beauty is that the button in the global nav essentially serves to open it very quickly after the initial authentication. 

As for the second comment about a compose icon, tell me a little more about what you are thinking? You would like an icon in the chat bar? What would be the hope there?