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I'm relatively new to Canvas and did a quick check through 10 or so pages of new requests and old requests and couldn't find my idea.

As a new user, I was incredibly frustrated when I had to move or delete items manually - one at a time, or check items in various lists one at a time (visibility status comes to mind). These are just examples and other locations may need updated as well.

What I'd like is to be able to move, delete, or check multiple pages at once rather than have to do this page by page. It was incredibly frustrating when I had to do this for several dozen pages when a global update or update multiple items would have handled it all at once.  

I've heard that this suggestion was made in the past but it seems to have fallen off the radar. 

Thanks for your understanding and review.

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Community Team
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As a 5 year user who worked 15 years previously in other LMS system, I 100% agree - the lack of expected bulk throughout almost every part of Canvas makes for very inefficient and time consuming protocols. And greatly increases risk of error as multiple steps must be repeated over and over.

- way to bulk delete all announcements (need when import old course)

- way to bulk delete discussions, assignments , quizzes from their respective tool pages

- way to create default quiz settings to help ensure quizzes are set up consistently ... and have editable reporting screen to see settings for all quizzes in one place




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I agree. I'll add one more and I'll post it elsewhere when I get to it.

I'm just learning about a new template that our district is mandating us to use. I know I can go to Commons and grab the template and update my site but what happens when I do? Does it update everything and over write everything with the new content? Does it leave the main document area with the old content? Is it a mix?  I'm hesitant to do this through an automatic process as I've put in a significant amount of time here. It's not that I don't want to update (I have to) it's that I'm concerned with how much more work I'll have to do after the update goes through. I'll likely duplicate my beta site and try it out on one site before I update everything. 

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Additional bulk operations would be nice to more efficiently make changes.

For clarification, @mterborg is your request just about "Pages" or is it course content in general?  I thought it was about course content in general, but it looks like this was titled as a request related to Pages.

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It probably started with pages as I was frustrated in the Modules section but it should be implemented as widely as possible. There's no reason (as far as I can see) not to have the ability to make multiple changes at once.

I don't think I had experience with assignments, discussions, or other types of content at that time. I wrote the request a couple of weeks ago now when I was just beginning my Canvas journey. Obviously, I started with modules/pages and moved on from there.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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Please add this functionality. 

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