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Paintbrush in Speedgrader - Default Accept

Paintbrush in Speedgrader - Default Accept

I've moved to grading with a drawing tablet. The painting tool is nice to be able to draw on the student submissions, but it is annoying to have to tap the "checkmark" button each time I draw something. It would be nice if the default were to "keep" the drawing, and then I could delete it if I make a mistake. That would make things much faster.

Community Member

This annoyance is why I eventually changed to the Point Annotation Tool (which isn't perfect, because it doesn't seem to support MathJax or any reasonable math notation).

(I'm also proposing that DocViewer's Annotation Tool default to the last one you used ("DocViewer: Make the default Annotation Tool the last one you used"); currently, when you go from student to student, it resets to the Selection Tool. That fix can probably be done at the same time as yours.)

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I would agree - that would be more efficient. Another problem I've had is that when using the pen/tablet, the placement is very inaccurate. I don't have this problem drawing in Word, on a PDF, etc. - only in the speed grader brush tool.