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I just want to log in and see a summary checklist to know if my student successfully completed and submitted all assignments each day.  My student's view shows a list of assignments with a check mark if completed.  My parent view does not show the check mark.  I have to click on each separate assignment and view all the details and still can't figure out easily if it was submitted.

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Hi Sharon! Have you looked at the Canvas Parent app? It includes more labels than the browser version does. I think it's a great feature to bring to the browser! the meantime though, check out the app and see if it helps with the academic coaching for your family. Smiley Happy

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RE: the browser not the app

Yes, I concur!

I have additional requests to accompany your expressed desires. To streamline efficiency, Canvas team, please knock out all of the following improvements in this department:

Canvas (Parent Log-In) -->Calendar-->Agenda 

   Presently I can view a list of assignments here (See attached)

1 )Parent should be able to see a check mark if the assignment is completed,

2) Parent should also have field auto-populating for "Due Date" ;

3) Parent should also have field auto-populating for "Submission Date" ;

4) Parent should also have field auto-populating for "Grade" (or i.e. "pending grade")

5) Parent should also have field auto-populating for link to "View Submitted Work" (where a parent can review or print)

      6) and which includes a) the teacher's feedback after grading & b) student remarks when submitting the work

          Better yet-- the Teacher's feedback should be visible from this master assignments list and a field for parents to                                   add comments should be added as well

Did I leave anything out?

1) Parents can view all assignments of all their students with clear division between one student's work and another's

2) On the assignments page, and within the assignment submission portal itself, and wherever else the dialog box of comments is visible, Parents can add commentary to the assignments. (all such locations within Canvas linking to one another) rather than having to click "View Submitted Work" from the master "assignments" list, as originally suggested.

Thank you!! 


CCS mom of two students

(p.s. for browser vs. app, I think they should aim to have same features)


assignments page








assignments list‌



parent view‌

parent profile‌

parent portal‌





Canvas Parent Log-In  Calendar Agenda Assignments View for Multiple Students - Many Ideas; Add Submission Checkboxes; Add Due Date_ Add submission date, Add Assigned Date, Add Teacher Comments; Add Student Comments; Add Parent Comments, Add Sort Feature,

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Yes! That's what I came here to say!! I have two students and have to click on every class and every assignment to see if it's been submitted or what the deal is with it!!  Even on the parent app, it's cryptic. For days before today:it says "missing" then is not been turned in yet. If it says X points, then it's been turned in.  But.....

For today (or whatever current day), it is not helpful at all. It just has a due date for everything and no indication of if it's been turned in unless I click on each assignment. I need At-a-glance visibility of what the kids have left to do in a given day. The current day. Not yesterday. For that matter, the kids do too, and they don't have a way to do that. 

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My parents had a really hard time this week deciphering if an assignment was completed or not. The only assignments that had a submit button were the Google LTI assignments. None of the other assignments had a turn in, submit, or completed button. YouTube, BookWidgets, etc. I don't want anything to integrate with the 3rd party sites, but just something the students can click to say hey I did this already. 

I know some assignments don't need to be submitted, but something to mark it done would be very helpful from both a parent/student and teacher point of view. 

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We really need the enhancements mentioned above?  Anyone know the process for getting these enhancements actually implemented?

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It would be wonderful for parents to have a to-do list like the students do. 

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@Jmack_smith , @DMcG , @carki79 , @peggycrofut Please consider voting by clicking the stars under the original post to draw more attention ... and share with other parents over social media so they can find and vote this up!

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Use Case:

As a parent of two children who are taking the same classes at the same time, within the browser application, I need the ability to sort and filter a list of assignments for all of my children and all of their classes so that I can answer any combination of the following questions:

  1. What assignments are incomplete?
  2. What assignments are late?
  3. Which child(ren) were those assigned to? (so I can tell which child when they both have the same class/assignment)
  4. Which assignments were sent back by teachers (have a note asking for resubmission)?
  5. Which assignments are due in the next week? (so I can help them pace)
  6. Which assignments did my children struggle in? (so I can help them or get them help - KPI <red/yellow/green> colors would be great if I could set the ranges appropriate for each child)
  7. Which assignments have been submitted? (too many clicks to find this out)
  8. Which assignments have been graded? 
  9. How many points are ungraded (when teachers are slow to grade, my kids get anxiety because their grades appear as abnormally low and some assignments are partially graded and waiting for some responses to be reviewed by teacher)
  10. What grade did the assignment receive?
  11. What items have changed since my last login?
  12. Which class was the assignment for? (the names of assignments are often cryptic
  13. What is the due date? (so I can help them prioritize)
  14. What is the target date (not sure there is such a thing, but due dates in our district are set to every Tuesday which isn't helpful for pacing the work across a week, so teachers have started putting a target date or day of the week in the title of the assignment)?
  15. Which modules have my children viewed? (so I know what classes to ask about)
  16. Which modules have my children not viewed? (they are starting to skip the reading and do the assignments without learning the material because that's what I can tell they haven't completed)
  17. How many assignments do they have for each class each week? (so I can help them gauge their workload and pace)

Happy to work with your UX team / beta test and provide feedback.  Currently, I find I have to do some things on the browser and some on the app but every task is a lot of clicks - time I'd rather spend working directly with my kids rather than trying to figure out what I need to work with them on.

Thank you for your consideration!

PS @dawnyorke333 - wow!  Nice work!  You caught a lot of stuff there.  Love your design sketches.  Hadn't thought about being able to comment back to the teachers.  Totally agree with your comment that the browser and app versions should have same features.  Some will be hard to fit on a phone screen. Please consider upvoting by clicking the stars at the top under the initial request and post on social media to get some more votes behind this!

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Yes please! This amount of comprehensive linking of data for quick view would immensely help our families observe their children's accounts.

Our observers feel that their account is not comprehensive enough and so are constantly logging in as the student and skewing the data for their course participation. 

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Two years later, this program still sucks for parents/observers. With two children it is impossible to use as a tool to "check up" on their undone homework.

Two children X 8 classes X check Assignment X check Syllabus X each Day 

How many clicks is that to keep up on assignments?  About 1000 more than it should be.

Frustrated and still 3 more years of school till I can be rid of this useless program.


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