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Parents: toggle view between children

Parents: toggle view between children


In the calendar I'd like to see a way to toggle the view from one child to another.  Vital for parents, teaching assistants and other observers.  Example:


This is not a new idea and has been requested before.  Thanks to everyone involved in the following pages: 

Parents Access to Canvas 

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @peaceinchaos ‌ ~ Unfortunately, this is an idea that is open for voting, not an already-existing feature for Canvas. I have offered some suggestions within conversations here. I hope these ideas are helpful in the meantime.

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When researching a toggle option the guide says to use the Settings button on the app and my kids names will appear and I can toggle from there.  But NO - when I press Settings a list of all my kids' classes just shows up.  My kids names are not listed anywhere on this app or on a desk top.  This issue has been discussed in at least one more Find Answers discussion for a while.  Is there a solution coming soon?

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @carlafiorella92   and Welcome to the Canvas Community! 

The Observer role is awesome, but it isn't without its complexities. Please see some tips I've written for Observers of all kinds in A Letter To Canvas Observers‌. I hope it adds some clarity to what you can and cannot do with the Observer role.

You say "on the app", so I assume that you are referring to Canvas Parent‌. If you have linked your students to your Observer account (, you should be able to easily switch between your students on the app.

Right now, this feature idea for toggling between students is for the desktop/browser version of Canvas. Right now, this idea is in the very preliminary stages, so there is not a solution at the moment, nor is there anything on an official timeline. (You can read about the voting process here:‌)

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I have the parent app, and it will not allow me to toggle between children. Matter of fact, I am the only name listed. When I try to put on the + and add a child, and then click students, it gives me some error message that it can't allow me to see the next page. I am so frustrated with this app!


Community Coach
Community Coach

I'm really sorry to hear that you're frustrated. There is a chance that your district has not enabled the app for their observer accounts. Before troubleshooting further, I would contact your district's technology department and Canvas administrator to see if they've made Canvas Parent available for families.

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It looks like this has been untouched for the last year, but I am new to canvas and looking for a solution. My hope was that in changing the nickname I could reorganize the dashboard. However, their doesn't seem to be an option to "sort by nickname". Hoping this would be an easy temp solution while you work on the big issue.

I did use the solution shared here to color code each child, which helps somewhat on the calendar, though having a way to turn each on/off would be amazing. 

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Sad that this post is from so long ago! When will the changes be made? My students' parents would love this!

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Would love to see this implemented ASAP.  I am also disappointed that this post is from so long ago.  It would be a great improvement for all parents that have multiple kids.  Even having two kids in middle school at the same time I was never able to see all of their classes on the calendar and it was difficult to switch from one child to the next and make sure all of their classes were selected.  

Is there any update from Canvas?

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[I'm using the web client on a laptop]

It is hard to believe this basic fundamental feature is still not available here at the end of 2019.

I do see a student selection dropdown now in Calendar, but no selection dropdown in Dashboard or Courses where it is needed just as much.  Preferably, you would just add a filter in the main navigation somehow to show "All Data" "Student A" "Student B" "Student C" etc.  not a dropdown on each page, but I'd take anything for this now, INCLUDING JUST SORTING BY STUDENT FIRST.  

My general reaction as a parent is... the web client is 80% right and needs a few tweaks like this one, the Android client is 33% right and needs a lot of work... I know you want to put your development dollars to work smartly, but leaving simple things like this undone for years leaves a bad taste.  

Please push this up your priority list, minor implementation cost, huge productivity gain for parents/observers of more than 1 student.


Hi anyone who's interested in a temporary solution. Some students I teach came up with a great solution to this here..

canvas/script.js at master · kingalfred/canvas · GitHub 

You can add that to your javascript in the global theme.

Points to note

1) All observers will have a drop down appear in the calendar view. Great for parents and teaching assistants.

2) Other users may also have a drop down (feel free to fix this canvas)

3) As the code relies on being able to display multiple calendars you should double check how many courses you would expecta parent to be able to view at the same time. Canvas by default will only show a maximum of 10, so as some students do more than 10 subjects and are enrolled in more than 10 courses, I had to ask my customer success manager to increase this.

4) It's worth knowing some JS first. There are some other functions you may wish to remove.

5) My students came up with a handy bit of JS to change the color of the favicon when in beta or test environment. This proved to be very useful when testing. Canvas... Simple but useful feature please.

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As a Parent of 2 children at the same school, I log into the Canvas Portal. I click on the Dashboard link and both of children's course are mixed together. Then when I click on the View Grades Link on the Right side of the Dashboard, i go to a page that continues to show me a mix of both of my children's course. 


I would like the ability to filter the Dashboard and the grades page ( by just one child at time. I'm fine with the default view of showing all linked accounts, but we need to be able to drill in to each child's performance and not have the view of both children mixed together.


I don't know how parents handle it with more than 2 kids, it seems as if the site would be unusable. 


I worked with Instructure several years and I even presented at InstructureCon when I was part of the Cisco Networking Academy. I know you all take User Experience very seriously, but you've overlooked the role of "Parent". Please spend a Sprint and add this filter. 


I saw where a similar thread form 2015 was posted on this very same issue. I don't want to access my students information through an App, I want to use the Desktop Interface.


YES!  This really needs to be implemented.  I have twin girls, and I can tell them apart, but I can't tell their classes apart in the UI.  I have to have multiple tabs open so I can cross reference which classes belong to each kid every time I want to browse their upcoming assignments.

One trick I figured out was to color-code all of the classes for one kid a certain color, and the other another color. At least then they're color coded in the calendar. But that feels like a hack, not a solution.


Attempted to submit a similar post!  Completely agree:

Currently on the Canvas mobile app it is easy to switch between each of my three children that I am observing. However, on the desktop website there is not the same ability. With three children at three different schools, the full website allows my wife and I to see more detailed information. Not having the ability to filter by each child, however, makes sorting through the information for each of their classes very cumbersome.


I would also like to request the ability to filter by child.  I have four kids so in total I'm observing 30 classes this year.  More if you count both semesters.  It would be great to be able to filter the Dashboard and the Calendar by which child I'm checking up on at any given moment so I don't always have a list of 30 different classes to scroll through.

In addition, the web UI calendar only seems to allow 10 different class calendars to be shown at any one time so I can never see all of my kids' assignments for a date unless I scroll through the list of class calendars turning them on and off.

Thanks in advance!


New parent observer to Canvas.  Our kids have hybrid learning and Canvas is the adopted platform. My immediate thought upon pairing with my 3 students is "I need to View Per Student".   This is a cluttered view.  It needs to have the tech built into it to have the courses organized by student.  Please make this a HIGH priority.


Wow, this issue is old...will canvas ever increase the limit of calendars allowed to be shown simultaneously or create a selected-child view on the web?  This is seriously needed, especially now that most schools have gone to online learning and this is how we get homework and assignments.  


Could you please make it easier to view (observe) accounts for parents. If they have multiple children, they could be looking at upwards of 50+ course cards. Somehow, these need to be organized per child for easier visibility.


As a parent observer, the 10 course limit in calendar view is quite annoying. It would be awesome if it were possible to link courses to individual students. Basically, having a custom filter that you could use to one-click enable a group of calendars would likely be useful to many users, but especially parents with mulitple kids. Being able to click on the filter to enable all the courses for Child A or B or C, etc.


As a parent, there should be a way to sort the dashboard by child. Currently, I have two daughters, and their courses are all jumbled together on the Dashboard. I want to see each child's course load all together.


This is so needed.  Given our reliance on these tools in right now.  Its imperative that we be able to correctly view the situation by child.  I struggle for a whole child view.  I can easily see within assignments but not at a higher level.