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Partial Credit for "Matching", "Categorization", and "Sorting" question types in Quizzes.Next tool

Partial Credit for "Matching", "Categorization", and "Sorting" question types in Quizzes.Next tool

Comments from Instructure

The  Canvas Release Notes (2022-01-15) includes partial credit options for matching questions in New Quizzes. Please refer to  New Quizzes: Partial Credit for Matching Questions .

The Quizzes.Next assignment questions type "Categorization", "Matching", and "Sorting" currently don't allow for partial credit to be given.  In order to pacify my students and to give credit were credit is due I'm currently manually adjusting the scores on these questions. Very tedious!



Thus, I would appreciate if the Canvas team would add the option for partial credit to added to these three assignment question types.


if a question has 2 categories and a total of 10 points, a student that would answers one of the two categories correctly would get 5 points.
if a "Sorting" question has 5 sort items and 10 points overall, a student that sorts 3 out of the 5 items correctly would receive 6 points (3/5*10)

if a "Matching" question has 3 items and 10 points overall, a student that would get 2 out of the 3 items matched correctly would receive 6.67 points (2/3 * 10)


PS: this link brings you to the Canvas FAQ page that documents the current status of this issue: 

New Member

Absolutely necessary feature that should have never gone away. Please resolve :).

New Member

This was posted almost 3 years ago. Still waiting for Canvas to optimize grading for students. Since the switch to zoom classes during the pandemic, myself and many of my peers have wasted countless hours trying to schedule office hours with professors so we can get partial credit for these types of questions

New Member

Please fix this issue! Especially if the old quiz format is going away. Teachers need the new quiz format to be reliable and easy to use. We need it to determine the partial points..... 

New Member

I couldn't agree more!!!!

New Member

I have chosen to use classic quizzes because I use matching in many of my quizzes and the classic quizzes give partial credit. Please make sure the new quizzes are just as good as the classic quizzes by allowing partial credit on matching! 

New Member

YES! Why is this even a request? Who doesn't give partial credit for matching questions. The more I use new quizzes the less I like it.

New Member

Yes please!!! It was supposed to be available on the get-go. Apparently, the old quiz has this for its matching type question. 

New Member

This has been a huge problem. Many of our teachers are refusing to switch to it for this reason. I do not know what they are going to do when old quizzes is gone. 


New Member

I didn't know that "categorization" questions weren't giving partial credit.  Now I have to score 505 exams manually for that question! 

New Member

Matching, Categorization, and Ordering are great types of questions. However, I barely use them because I have to hand grade them. Allow us to give partial credit, this is a no-brainer.

Community Member

Just chiming in again...

In this last year of Classic Quizzes, it is super important to teachers to have this functionality in the New Quizzes.  They are already mildly put off by the wholesale change in interface that they are already dubious about its usefulness.  Make this easier to use by aligning it with other standard practices within Canvas (e.g., Where else is there a Return button?) and, at the very least, keeping functionality consistent between versions.  If it doesn't offer an improvement, then why change the format?

New Member

Please add this to Quizzes. I will not even use this question type until it is added. The time spent is better used evaluating an open-ended answer to a more complex question. 

New Member

The inability to award partial credit keeps me from using some of the standout features of New Quizzes.  For most people (especially young people), getting a 0 for one tiny mistake is demoralizing.  All or none has its place, but as a teacher, it would be nice to have more control over how we grade students.

New Member

Agree! I have always awarded partial credit for matching, sorting/ordering, etc. type questions and was rather disappointed when I realized these were being treated as an "all or none" by the auto-grading feature of New Quizzes. I was really hoping it would pro-rate the score based on the number correctly answered and the points for the question. I would rather spend time evaluating the results of the test to determine if and where reteaching is necessary instead of regrading questions.

Community Member

I support this for all of the reasons already stated.

New Member

Yes, partial-credit for matching in New Quizzes please.

Community Participant

I was told by someone working at Instructure that this feature was planned for development three years ago.  The fact that it has yet to be implemented is as confounding as it is frustrating.

New Member

Yes, please give partial credit for matching questions! It's not fair that a student gets 0 points on a 10-part matching question for mixing up just two answers. Thank you so much.

New Member

i voted

New Member

I Agree to give partial credit for matching questions.