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Partial Credit for "Matching", "Categorization", and "Sorting" question types in Quizzes.Next tool

Partial Credit for "Matching", "Categorization", and "Sorting" question types in Quizzes.Next tool

Comments from Instructure

The  Canvas Release Notes (2022-01-15) includes partial credit options for matching questions in New Quizzes. Please refer to  New Quizzes: Partial Credit for Matching Questions .

The Quizzes.Next assignment questions type "Categorization", "Matching", and "Sorting" currently don't allow for partial credit to be given.  In order to pacify my students and to give credit were credit is due I'm currently manually adjusting the scores on these questions. Very tedious!



Thus, I would appreciate if the Canvas team would add the option for partial credit to added to these three assignment question types.


if a question has 2 categories and a total of 10 points, a student that would answers one of the two categories correctly would get 5 points.
if a "Sorting" question has 5 sort items and 10 points overall, a student that sorts 3 out of the 5 items correctly would receive 6 points (3/5*10)

if a "Matching" question has 3 items and 10 points overall, a student that would get 2 out of the 3 items matched correctly would receive 6.67 points (2/3 * 10)


PS: this link brings you to the Canvas FAQ page that documents the current status of this issue: 

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I vote

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thanx for sharing this consent, it will help a lot so we don't have to give point manually. i support it all the way

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i agree

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Yes, I agree. We need it

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I agree with this idea since I need it for scoring my students' assignments

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Thanks for your great idea. 

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Yes please - I need to offer partial credit for a graduated option of answers for accountability. Please make this available.

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Not having partial credit as an option for these question types is keeping many teachers from making the full transition to new quizzes. 

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Partial credit for matching and ordering would be very helpful!

Don't want to transition to new quizzes until they're operational.

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Wow, this original post is 2018 and I've found my way here after becoming annoyed with the problem in 2021. Please make this fix.

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Please offer partial credit for matching questions in the new quizzes. This feature used to be available, but is causing a lot of issues this year with teachers.

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Are the Canvas designers kidding? Their new roadmap and updates STILL do not include fixing the partial credit issue we have been BEGGING for for years! Now we're being told over the next year and a half they can't take the time to update the code to allow partial credit when the system already marks which portion of the question was answered correctly or incorrectly? How is that a benefit to students? What do the instructors have to do to have their voices heard? I thought that was what these conversations were for, but we are clearly being ignored.

Partial Point Cavas.png

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I just ran my first exam with new quizzes. I can't believe that matching and ordering questions aren't scored for partial credit! Now we have to manually grade all of these. This is shockingly bad design.

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In favor, please give our teachers the option to decide if they want partial credit or not.  

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I can't believe this hasn't been addressed yet.  There will never be complete teacher buy-in to the Quizzes.Next tool without this.

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Definitely in favor of adding this option to Canvas quizzes!!

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Please consider adding partial credit for new quizzes. I have multistep problems in geometry and need to be able to use either fill in multiple blanks or partial credit for matching. It takes so much time to go back and grade just one question. My kids get upset when they see their grade even though they made a much higher grade. 

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At what point will partial credit scoring be added to the multi-answer question types? It has been 3 years since people started asking for this! It is ridiculous for me to have to manually go back and grade multiple questions for over 150 students. The automatic grading already marks which part of the answer is correct, so why has it taken this long to add the points for it? Both Google Forms and the quiz feature in ItsLearning allow for partial credit.

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I'd like the categorization question option, in new quizzes, to allow for partial credit.  This is an all or nothing point style question category.  At this time, I have to manually go in and give students their additional points.