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Partial Credit for "Matching", "Categorization", and "Sorting" question types in Quizzes.Next tool

Partial Credit for "Matching", "Categorization", and "Sorting" question types in Quizzes.Next tool

Comments from Instructure

The  Canvas Release Notes (2022-01-15) includes partial credit options for matching questions in New Quizzes. Please refer to  New Quizzes: Partial Credit for Matching Questions .

The Quizzes.Next assignment questions type "Categorization", "Matching", and "Sorting" currently don't allow for partial credit to be given.  In order to pacify my students and to give credit were credit is due I'm currently manually adjusting the scores on these questions. Very tedious!



Thus, I would appreciate if the Canvas team would add the option for partial credit to added to these three assignment question types.


if a question has 2 categories and a total of 10 points, a student that would answers one of the two categories correctly would get 5 points.
if a "Sorting" question has 5 sort items and 10 points overall, a student that sorts 3 out of the 5 items correctly would receive 6 points (3/5*10)

if a "Matching" question has 3 items and 10 points overall, a student that would get 2 out of the 3 items matched correctly would receive 6.67 points (2/3 * 10)


PS: this link brings you to the Canvas FAQ page that documents the current status of this issue: 

New Member

This is absolutely needed - it's one of the feature of Classic Quizzes that has my teachers sticking with them as long as they can.

New Member

Can we get partial credit for matching, multiple answer, and ordering type questions on new quizzes?

New Member

This semester I am shifting all my question banks back to classic quizzes. I can't use the new quizzes until this issue is resolved. 

Community Member

Agree with the previous posts. My institution is going back to Classic Quizzes until New Quizzes are addressed. We can't use them for assessment in their present format.

New Member

Everyone wants this functionality, and yet Canvas says and does nothing.  It is puzzling:

Why wasn't partial credit included right off the bat? 

What hasn't it been added in the years since?

Does the New Quizzes software have some flaw that makes it impossible to implement the extremely basic functionality of partial credit? 

Has Canvas fired their software people, or do they pay them so little that they've all quit? 

This whole situation is baffling.

Community Member

Partial credit is so obvious a need.  I want to use categorization, ordering, and matching questions.  The first two are not an option in classic quizzes.  The all or nothing approach does not build student confidence, nor is it particularly helpful when I want to give automated feedback and have students try again.

Community Participant

@cejones I think New Quizzes can handle this functionality; if you look at the "multiple answers" (i.e. select all that apply) question type, there is a option to award "partial credit with penalty" or an all-or-nothing option.  The fact that this hasn't been applied to these other question types (after three years) is baffling.


I've been Canvas's biggest proponent at my school for years, but the last year or so has left me pretty disappointed in Canvas.

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Yes! I don't understand why New Quizzes keeps taking away the features that were so useful in the regular old quizzes. It's this lack of features that keeps me from using New Quizzes

New Member

Yes. Please.
I was excited about categorization and now I have to a) regrade questions by hand, b) abandon categorization as a question type.

New Member

@  Thanks for the tip!  But I was hoping for a third option, which would be to score points for correct answers and no penalty for wrong answers in the multiple answer option.  This would be consistent with how the rest of the quiz questions work and thus avoids student irritation at the sting of an unexpected penalty.

I realize that this means that someone could just select ALL answers to score full points, but with sparing use of  multiple answer questions I think very few students would figure this out.

New Member

There should be more partial credit options for questions than just the "multiple answer" questions

New Member

There should be partial credit options for all of the question types in Canvas. 

Right now all I see that has partial credit options are the "Check all that apply" question types. I need the categorization questions and the matching questions to be able to have partial credit! 

New Member

We support this as well!  Let's make this happen ASAP!

New Member

This is a feature we really need. We are trying to get teachers to use New quizzes and this, as well as the inability to record, is a real issue for them. 

New Member

This is beyond needed. Each time I use this I know I will have to manually score this component.

Community Member

This feature is ABSOLUTELY necessary! If there is anything about New Quizzes that will off-put faculty, not being able to allow partial credit will be it. 

New Member

It's 2021 and this is still not a capability. Please advise on status?

New Member

There's literally years and years and dozens of threads of instructors and users asking for partial credit to be enabled in quizzes. Why oh why is it taking so long?

Community Team
Community Team

@GL2022  The request for partial credit in matching questions is currently in development, and you can follow the idea for updates:  New Quizzes: Partial Credit for Matching Questions. While I can't give you an exact date for its release, I saw a preview a few weeks ago... 🤞

New Member

@Stef_retired : Many thanks! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed too...