Peer Review - for Groups to review Other Groups


We ask groups to record and post a video presentation in Canvas for ther groups to review , ask questions and give feedback. The interaction between groups is essential and is also graded.

For now it is not possilbe to allocate  Peer Review to groups - only individuals.

This means complicated and time consuming work arounds.

Please can we have a fully functional group peer review tool to better engage our learners, promote core pedagogy and group learning.

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I would use this to assign peer reviews of term papers.  My students each choose one of several books to write about, and I would like them to complete peer reviews for papers about any other book.  Ideally, I could put students in groups by the book they chose and set peer reviews to be assigned from submissions in any group other than their own.

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It's time Canvas improved its Peer Review features. The work arounds are time consuming, and it is ridiculous that an institution should have to go to the expensive of purchasing a 3rd party tool to get the features necessary to do something as fundamental as peer review. 

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It would be helpful to allow each group member see one submission from the other groups.

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This is not exactly the same feature as I was looking for, but my suggestion for additional peer-review options was archived:

When setting up peer-reviewed assignments, it would be very useful to assign peer-reviewers automatically across groups to ensure that a person from group A is always assigned to a person from group B without having to do it manually every time (I am thinking of weekly assignments). 

The obvious use case for this would be to allow for a mentorship/critical friend relationship to be built between students who are taking the same course but are in different working groups (e.g. teacher training). In this sense, another option would be to allow for peer-review partners to be replicated for all peer-reviewed assignments, so that peer-reviewers would only need to be set up once.

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Yes, this is a bug in Canvas. For a group assignment, Canvas assigns peer reviews to individuals of individuals, not of groups. This means some students very likely receive duplicate submissions to peer review. This is a major bug. (It's not a feature as duplicate peer review assignments make no sense.)

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