Peer Reviews for Students who Have Not Yet Submitted

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I contacted the Help Chat on this and was told that the reason students can't be assigned peer reviews without having first submitted their own paper is that doing so might encourage plagiarism. I contend that I (and I assume most other professors) would be able to identify such a situation rather easily.

My rationale for this request is that students should be allowed to earn every point possible. I doubt too many professors in an in-class setting would refuse to allow a student in the classroom to read other people's papers during a peer review session if that student hadn't submitted something.

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PROBLEM: Sometimes assigned peer reviews are not processed by Canvas.

DETAILS: When I assign peer reviews of essays to my English 101 students, I set it up for Canvas to automatically assign the reviewers at a given date. However, I sometimes have students who do not upload their papers to be reviewed and are therefore not assigned any reviewers. I still want those students to review the work of their classmates, so I go in and manually assign them reviews. However, those newly assigned review assignments do not show up on the students’ end. Canvas support told me this is because I had used the automatically assign reviews setting, and that assigning these additional reviews at a later date would not “go through” because I had not initially assigned all reviews manually. I think this is silly.

SOLUTION: When an instructor manually assigns reviews at a later date, I would like those reviews to be assigned _regardless_ of whether the “automatically assign reviews” tool was used.



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YES! I just spent an hour on chat with Canvas trying to get ALL of my students access to the peer review assignment, regardless of submission status. I think this is ridiculous. If students showed up in class without a draft, they sure would still read a hardcopy and participate in peer review as readers.

Plus, on the page where I assign students drafts for peer review, the students who haven't submitted a draft are listed there, and I am able to assign them a draft. Why is that even an option if they can't access it even if I've assigned it?