People Menu, Enrollment section not displaying correct role


When we created our roles, we 'had' to copy from another default role instead of creating a NEW role.  In copying from another existing role, it displays the role on the People Menu, Enrollments section of that screen as the 'base-role-type' not 'role'.  How I know this is because if you run an enrollment report, the column heads are using these terms. The base-type-role is the role we copied from. Role is the new role name created. The People Menu, Enrollments section should display the 'role', not the 'base-type-role'.

In our situation, we copied the default teacher role to create a new role called YDP. This role only uses some of the permisison's assigned to the original teacher role.  We use the People menu, Enrollment section to verify that our YDPs are assigned to the correct course using the correct permission. Because this screen does not display the correct information it is difficult to use it at all. The attachment shows an example of where it lists me as a teacher, when my real role was a CM/DES.


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi @KarenPizur,

After reading your post and looking at the attached screenshot, I believe the upcoming deploy is actually going to address the issue.  You can see the Canvas Deploy Notes (2022-02-02) and make sure what I've stated here is accurate.  The change should go live by the end of the day on February 2nd barring any unforeseen issues with the deploy.

This has been a nagging issue for our institution too, so I'm definitely excited that Instructure put some work into this!


Community Team
Community Team
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HI @KarenPizur - @chriscas is correct. The update that will be included on Feburary 2 should allow you to display your customized roles. Please review the Canvas Deploy Notes (2022-02-02)  for more information!