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[People] Option when adding people to a course but for a set amount of time

[People] Option when adding people to a course but for a set amount of time

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Problem statement:

The sub shortage is a real thing in 2022 still. We often have teachers, librarians, office staff, pretty much any adult we can find having to cover a teacher's class. The person covering however does not have access to the teacher Canvas Rostered Courses. While yes, those with the correct account level permission can add those adults into the course as either a student or observer, just so they can at least see what work the teacher left behind, it creates a ton of extra work to record who we added and it which course as we need to remove them at the end of the day.

Proposed solution:

How amazing would it be to have an option when adding people to a course that there was a drop down for how long they should stay in that course. Something like, forever to 24 hours to 12 hours, would be amazing! Then the system would pull them out of the course when that time is up. It would save those who are adding those people into a course many hours of work if they didn't have to keep track of who they added and where. Knowing that they will come out of the course after the time is up would be a great comfort for all parties.

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This would be very helpful when we have student assistants help instructors in IT. We have them added as a TA then they walk them through their solution and they will automatically be deleted.