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Percentage-based Rubrics

Percentage-based Rubrics

I'd like to see the rubrics within Canvas support percentages rather than fixed points. Like many instructors, I'm constantly tinkering my point distribution to ensure both a challenging environment and equity in the classroom. Having the ability to change the final point value in a single area and then have the rubric be applied based on percentages rather than points would make this MUCH easier.
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This is a good idea, but sometimes I really do prefer points (especially when working with teaching assistants this can be helpful).

I'd amend the idea to giving the OPTION to do EITHER points OR percentages.


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I need this. I have an assignment worth 9 points but with many criteria so dividing the rubric up to add up to 9 is a real hassle. In the end I'm making the rubric add to 100 points, then creating an "assignment group" with one assignment in it to apply a weighting factor to this assignment. What a pain when the rubric could just be designed to auto-scale to the number of points. 

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Percentages have two advantages for me:

1. Rubrics can be re-used where the weighting of a task changes.

2. When marking it is much easier to think in terms of percentage rather than having to do the mental arithmetic to convert points to percent and associated letter grade.

Needless to say, Blackboard has both options.

Thanks, Ian

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would make rubrics way more reusable and lower maintenance (eg if the total points of the assignment changed you then wouldn't have to update the rubric)