Permit editing of whitelisted Redirect Tool even when LTI permissions disabled


Feature request:  allow editing of a whitelisted Redirect Tool even when LTI permissions are disabled.

University of Washington has disabled the LTI add/edit/delete for course roles; LTI tools must either be whitelisted in the app center, or added at the account level after successfully completing the standard review and security process and documentation.

Most whitelisted LTI tools (like Wikipedia) are added to modules or assignments or in pages, and thus can be edited and deleted even when LTI permissions are disabled.  Not true for the Redirect Tool -- it can still be added, but not edited or deleted.  This creates quite a mess for teachers, who can now only hide incorrect or unwanted links created with the Redirect Tool from the course nav, and start over adding new links with the Redirect Tool.

It seems reasonable to expect that when an LTI tool is whitelisted, it is permitted, and should be editable and deletable.

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Hi  @kroberts  

I voted this down, because I do not think it is appropriate for an LMS to try to undermine policy decisions made by a school, which is essentially what you are asking for.

If faculty need a Redirect link to be deleted, the Canvas admin at UW can accomplish this for them. If doing becomes too much of a resource burder, then perhaps they will rethink their policy.


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Hi Kelley,

I am the Canvas service manager/admin at UW.  We absolutely do not have a help desk capacity to support course-level course nav changes -- which is why the Redirect Tool is on the whitelist, and other tools are configured at the account level.  I'm just asking for this tool to behave like the other LTI tools on the whitelist. 

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We see the Redirect tool being used very differently than other LTI tools.  Most often, it is used to spotlight a particular Page (or a few pages) that the instructor wants to show up in the course navigation (and therefore be available from any page at the site.  The ability to redirect to a native tools' page/view is important functionality.  The change being proposed here doesn't challenge the decisions made by the institution in regards to LTI implementation.  It merely helps instructors tidy up their "Apps Configuration" list.

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