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Personal Tags for ANY attribute or concept

Personal Tags for ANY attribute or concept

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Hi to the Canvas Pandas and the community at large.

I would like to propose a personal tagging/badging/lozenge framework that would allow such things to be institutionally defined and to allow the ability at a granular level for students and instructors and admins to define them, who they are shared with, and where overrides may be allowed or occur. Also, an API to manage the CRUD of them from Systems of Record when necessary.

If it was an agnostic tool or capability as to what the tags content or meaning, it would work for the broadest range of scenarios.


- personal pronouns if in such a system could then be defined as a set list by account, could be chosen by people to display or not display, allow of disallow overrides as needed (eg such as hide all tags when grading)

- As we are moving more and more into multi timezone delivery across international cohorts, the ability to specify an offset timezone if necessary. This would enable expectation and awareness of when a fellow student may be likely to reply or partake asynchronously, or when likely to be available for synchronous activities.

eg with the above two types, I would know as a student of staff member how to address that person, and when to most likely expect a reply or response. TA's could be assigned to timezones for targeted coverage, etc

- Another scenario that has come up for us (as a TA scenario but also for students to collaborate or seek help) is for people to optionally identify language proficiency

- A niche idea is that assistants and student support could identify in-tool that they are acting on behalf of another user (such as InClass assistive support, although maybe that could be a whole other, richer function in and of itself?!)

- Insert your idea of "wouldn't it be great if we could have an associated tag/badge/lozenge for people in-tool that would allow us to ... ‌🤔‌"

So, over to the community, we have the personal pronouns now as a bit of a step in the right direction, but it could be so much more if broadened and deepened by making it usable for any tagging purpose.

Thanks for your time

Patrick Stoddart

The University of Melbourne

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Community Team
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