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Personalized To-Do list

Personalized To-Do list


Students often struggle with keeping track of assignments, especially when they have missed a deadline or have been asked to rework something they have already submitted.  Their "to-do list" should list EVERYTHING that that student needs to submit/ rework, not just upcoming tasks.  It would be helpful if everything had the option of a due date so that it could be added to their to do list (for example, a "page" that has a video to watch or reading with not true "assignment" to turn in, will still show up in their list until they have at least viewed that page).  Tasks marked incomplete or that earned below the required score would remain on their "to-do" list until actually complete.  Missing assignments would also be there.

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Hi,  @catherine_thorn . I know how challenging it can be sometimes navigating new systems and finding what I'm looking for and staying current. This submission combines several different ideas and is related to some existing functionality so it will need to be modified before moving forward for voting. I am here to help see if there are any existing solutions that will work or how we can refine the idea.

I want to mention some of the existing functionality that is related and may even serve the purpose. One thing to keep in mind is that the To-Do list in the sidebar is intentionally abbreviated because of the limited space. Currently, it is only able to display 7 items at a time.

Each student is able to add their own to-do items to their calendar. 

How do I add a to-do item in the Calendar as a student? 

How do I add a to-do item in the List View Dashboard as a student? 

Course module requirements are a great way to use course design to guide students through important checkpoints.
How do I add requirements to a module?

In the event that certain students need to resubmit work by a specific date, you can change the date for those students individually. 


With this existing functionality in mind, let me know if there is a way this submission could be modified.


Thanks for the information. While those are options in theory, they are

not solutions that are going to be practical to implement with "real

kids". Students who rely on the "to do list" are kids who are struggling

with self-direction and executive functioning. To ask them to take

assignments that are already posted with due dates, and enter them again

sounds good, but the reality is that they simply won't do it. When they

see their "to do list" as it stands now, they truly believe that that is

EVERYTHING that they as individuals need to do.

It is misleading and results in confusion and frustration for them. They

go to the current assignments and they miss previous lessons. This

increases frustration for them as they do not understand the current

assignments and these kids simply shut down.

If there is no way to connect their "to do list" to the gradebook, is there

a way to simply disable it for kids? I would rather they see nothing

than a list that is not giving them the whole picture of what they

individually need to do. At least if they didn't have a "to do" list, I

could direct them to the "grades" to see what they are missing. I am

trying that, but students, parents and case managers are all frustrated by

seeing a "To Do list" that is not correct.

On Mon, May 11, 2020 at 9:15 PM Adam Williams <>

Community Team
Community Team

 @catherine_thorn ‌, thanks for helping us refine this idea. This is the idea that requests the ability on the part of the instructor to disable the to-do list for a course:  We'll mark this idea for archival to keep votes and feedback streamlined. 

Status changed to: Archived