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Pictures as Answers on Quizzes

Pictures as Answers on Quizzes

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Our young kiddos respond best to visuals! I would love to create many quizzes for my kindergarten friends but a lot of our answers need to be pictures. Such as a picture of a cat so that they can correctly decode the given word as the question and choose the picture of the word. It would allow them to have the same access as older students. 

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In Classic Quizzes, when creating a question, next to the possible answers, click on the pencil, then use the RCE to upload images.

Edit choice

In New Quizzes, use the Upload Media icon in the RCE to upload media such as images, audio, or video.

Upload media RCE

Now select what would you like to upload.

Upload dialog

The following question types are supported:

  • Multiple choice
  • Multiple answer
  • Ordering
  • Hot spot (one picture containing other smaller pictures, may not work correctly if there is more than one correct answer)
Community Team
Community Team

 @torrey_clinking  Welcome to the Canvas Community!

Kelvin has provided great guidance on how to embed images in multiple choice quiz questions and responses for both the old (classic) and new quiz tool, so we've archived this idea as it is already possible.

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Thanks, Torrey. Stay safe, and stay well. Smiley Happy 

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