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Pin Discussion Posts from Instructor

Pin Discussion Posts from Instructor

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I was wondering if this feature exists within Canvas already, but if not it would be extremely helpful to be able to pin certain Discussion posts as the instructor to the top of the message board. - Right now I have to sort it by likes and like my own post.

I will often give my students a prompt or examples in the Discussion itself rather than just in the instructions so that they can reply directly to the post and keep the conversations organized. 

(Additionally, it would be extremely helpful to be able to then import these pinned posts when I import a course/discussion for another class or a new semester.)

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Community Team
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@jg-cal, out of curiosity, have you tried the "Pinned Discussions" reordering feature illustrated in the Instructor Guide?


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Thanks for that link @RobDitto, but my question is a little different. I'm not looking to pin the entire discussion. 

I'm more talking about, for instance, I'll make a Discussion and ask students to identify things about the topic I present in the prompt/video. Maybe there is a better way of doing this, but I ask the general question and give context in the main Discussion post, and then I reply to that post myself with specific questions to create more precise threads as a way to keep the conversation organized by idea and allow options for students to think about different areas of interest.

For my classes, this tends to alleviate the broad general comments that try to comment vaguely on everything and stops people from being paralyzed by not knowing what to look for.

But the main goal here is to make sure my posts to guide the discussion are at the top so that if people don't follow directions and reply to the main post (instead of those sub-posts) it doesn't push my threads down the board.

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In addition to setting up differentiated threads, this feature would let instructors set up example posts and tips separately from the instructions - and importantly keep those posts at the top where students will notice them easily.

Another feature that would compliment this, would be the option to have these instructor posts visible to student before they add their initial post - even when students are unable to see each others posts before they add their initial response: Visibility-of-instructor-replies-to-discussions

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I was just going to post the same suggestion when I saw it had already been suggested.  This is something that other LMS's have.  I don't use it a lot but I think it can be very useful, as others have already noted.  With the new Discussions already in Beta - this would be a very useful feature to add.