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Please Create "Automatically Apply Ungraded to late Submissions" Option

Please Create "Automatically Apply Ungraded to late Submissions" Option

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Could you please create an option for all late work to simply revert to an "Ungraded" Status instead of get a particular score? This would make a lot more sense to both my students and me! Thank-you!

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It's my understanding that is the default behavior.  That is the exact behavior that happens in my courses.

Have you set a grade policy?  Or perhaps you are using a integration that is setting that score? 

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It is the default policy for work turned in on time. However, if you assign a score to Missing Work -- whether manually or automatically -- then that stays the score of the assignment after students turn it in late. So students perceive that I, the teacher, have given them the low score/zero that I would give to missing work for their late work until I have the time to go back and score it manually. If instead Late Work could just revert to an ungraded status -- if I had that option, not saying everyone would have to use it -- it would save my students and I much distress. Thank-you!

Community Team
Community Team
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