Please add a "control click" feature for calendar events to open in a new tab.


It is natural to control-click on a hyperlink to open it in a new tab, for those that are aware of its power and its great productivity. The only location in Canvas that doesn't allow control-click to open in new tabs is the calendar, which behaves as if you naturally left-clicked on a hyperlink.

To be specific, the calendar has assignments that populate as instructors add due-dates to their assignments. by left clicking on the box that contains the information, it displays a popup with the course, assignment title (both of which are hyperlinks), and the assignment details, if any. Control-clicking on these hyperlinks does not behave like normal HTML hyperlinks, and instead attempt to load the page on the calendar, requiring you to either re-open the calendar in a new tab, or falling back to the calendar on the same page using the previous page button.

This lack of a feature makes the workflow disorienting, and throws people off if they wish to save bandwidth and multitask. Even though its such a small feature, it'll benefit greatly in the long run. I am a student that enjoys the benefits of finding shortcuts to reach end goals faster, and would appreciate being able to do what comes natural to hyperlinks rather than right-clicking and then left clicking "open in new tab".

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Instructure Alumni
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