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Please make the SIS ID field longer.

Please make the SIS ID field longer.

  This idea has been developed and deployed to Canvas

I often check the SIS ID in a class. For example, in classes with multiple sections I want to be sure I have the right course number.


The SIS ID field in Settings displays about 6 characters.  Our SIS ID's look like this CCRSSWK-681-11810.201710.  There seems to be lots of real estate in this part of the page, so couldn't the field be larger (maybe 20 characters longer)?



(largely copied from a 2015 suggestion by James O'Connor that did not get the required votes.)

Community Champion

 @rwoodard ​,

While I think your SIS ID's are crazy-long, I agree the box is too short and we experience the same issue with our SIS ID's not fitting.

While you wait on this to proceed, it can be fixed quickly by your Canvas Admin.

The CSS style="width=50px;" is specified inline the HTML directly (bad form on Canvas' part), so it needs a special instruction to override it.

In the global custom JavaScript file, you could specify the following:

if (/^\/courses\/[0-9]+\/settings$/.test(window.location.pathname)) {

  document.getElementById('course_sis_source_id').style.width = '200px';


if (/^\/courses\/[0-9]+\/sections\/[0-9]+$/.test(window.location.pathname)) {

  document.getElementById('course_section_sis_source_id').style.width = '200px';


The easier way is probably within the global custom CSS file. There you could do it with just one line, but you need to specify the width with the !important flag to override the inline style.

input#course_sis_source_id, input#course_section_sis_source_id { width:200px!important; }

You only need one of the two solutions.

The 200px is an approximation. If you wanted it to look pretty you could get more precise:

input#course_sis_source_id { width:202px!important; }

input#course_section_sis_source_id { width:206px!important; }

If the Canvas Admin doesn't have access to the global custom JavaScript or CSS files, I think they need to talk to their CSM.

Community Member

Thank you.   I have to admit I had not even considered asking our CSM to make the change for us while we wait for a universal change to be implemented.

Community Champion

You (or the local Canvas Admin if that's not you) can make the changes yourself as long as you have access to the Custom CSS. I don't think the CSM makes the change for you, just that they can give you access if you don't have it enabled.

It's under Admin > your account > Themes

You'll have to have a CSS file prepared to upload with any custom CSS.

Community Team
Community Team

Hi Randy,

Thank you for resubmitting this idea.  Perhaps it will gain more traction this time around when it goes to vote on Sept. 7th.  I'll also make sure our UI/UX folks are aware of this suggestion.  As always, thanks  @James ​ for jumping in with workaround solutions.

Community Participant


I'd also like to see this feature, as our SIS IDs, while not as long as yours, do extend beyond the viewable field. We'd very much like a larger display.

Community Team
Community Team

This idea has moved to the next stage and will be open for voting among the Canvas Community, from Wed. September 7, 2016 - Wed. December 7, 2016.

Check out this doc for additional details about how the voting process works!

Community Champion

Everyone check your SIS ID field in production.   Do you see the same awesomeness?

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Community Champion

 @scottdennis ​ should this be marked complete?  Or am I seeing things?

Community Champion

 @kschneider25 ​, I'm seeing it in production as well. Now maybe we could work on lengthening the Name field?


I also just noticed I hadn't voted for this. I better hurry and get my vote in on this already-accomplished feature request before it gets archived. Then maybe people won't say I'm always so negative.

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