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Point totals in grade export

Point totals in grade export

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Please include point totals in grade exports. Without them I must perform Excel gymnastics.

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Community Team
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The gymnastics are much more involved since the grade export doesn't include which category an assignment is in, nor any information regarding rules for dropping grades.

This also means that the point totals may be different for each student. Are you requesting the addition of a four new columns for each each assignment group? Those four would be (perhaps with different names) current points, current points possible, final points, and final points possible

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Yes, like the summary at the bottom of an individual student grade report (fractions on the right side):



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Thanks for the picture; now I know what you're thinking of.

Those numbers do come in handy near the end of my semester when students start to freak out and want to know if it's possible to pass (possible is not the same as probable). The students could do the "what if" grades themselves, but some don't. Faculty can't do what if grades, although there is a long-time idea conversation going on about what if grading for instructors that would mostly solve my issue.

Right now, I'm relegated to going to the gradebook, looking up those point values from the tooltip and then manually typing in the values into Excel. Then I create Excel formulas to recalculate the values and sit there and play with scenarios. I'm not whether students get "You need a 73% on projects" as much as "You need 8/10 on project x", but at the time students start asking, we still have several assignments in each category left and I cannot give specifics about individual assignments. I teach college math and students struggle with the concept of a weighted gradebook.

If I'm going to mess with it in Excel, though, a separate spreadsheet with just the summary information you highlighted would be more useful than putting it into the existing gradebook. I would also include the weight assigned to each assignment group as part of the headers.